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Studio Spornes Wine Bar
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Tom Rudi Torjussen og Mari Dale
Studio Spornes Tyholmen - Vinbar og Scene

Welcome to Studio Spornes Tyholmen, wine bar, bistro and concert venue in the heart of Arendal. We offer a unique and charming atmosphere for wine enthusiasts and music lovers.

Experience our excellent selection of quality wines from internationally renowned wine regions and top winemakers. We provide exciting tasting experiences through our food and drink menus where you can explore different styles and regions, with expert guidance from our knowledgeable and passionate servers.

Combine your wine tasting with delicious small dishes from our menu, carefully selected to complement the wines and create a memorable experience.

Studio Spornes is known for hosting concerts, wine tastings, and debates throughout the year and is considered Arendal's best wine bar and cultural hub. You get great food and drinks in a relaxed and inviting setting with excellent acoustics and friendly service. We look forward to welcoming you!

Adresse: Teaterplassen 3, Tyholmen, Arendal

Business Location - Arendal, Norway

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